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Electronic Tackers

JACK JK-T1900BLX Electronic Tacker and Programmable Shape Tacking Machine
High Speed, High Efficiency and Built-in Patterns
Product Details

JACK JK-T1906B Programmable Shape Tacking Machine - CNC Pattern Sewing Machine - Electronic Tacker
60mm x 40mm Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine / Electronic Bar Tacker / Box X Machine
Product Details

THOR GA204-108 Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine For Heavy Weight Webbing Applications - Strap Sewing Machine
NEW - Heavy Duty Pattern Sewing Machine with 5" x 2.4" (130 x 60 mm) Sewing Field, Shuttle Hook, Heavy Thread Capacity up to 450. Ideal for Truck Tarps and heavy weight webbing applications.
Product Details

THOR GT-210E-2210 Programmable CNC Pattern Sewing Machine
Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 220mm x 100mm (8.7" x 4") Sewing Field. On Board Programmer. Complete and Fully Assembled.
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